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MILE Dentistry (Microscope Implant Laser Enhanced Dentistry)

Our goal at CDG is to create excellent dentistry by using the latest advance technologies.  Tools such as special centrifugation system and techniques to collect and harvest autologous A-PRF (third generation platelets rich fibrin), and autologous Platelet-Enriched Fibrin Glue for bone graft and accelerate soft tissue healing, advanced instrumentations for atraumatic removal (preserve your own bone) of previously failed implants, "chairside dental implant surface treatment" to increase and promote faster implants osseo-intergration.  Surgical Microscope, Nd:Yag “Gum treatment” Laser, Digital X-ray, Kor whitening (free of harmful UV light radiation) One Hour Teeth Whitening system, Rotary Endodontic or Root Canal system, 3 dimensional Root Canal Filling system, Advance Implant Rotary system, Ultrasonic Piezotome for Bone spliting and Sinus grafting, State of The Art Sterilization systems (we have three class B sterilizers and one class S sterilizer to ensure the safety of all of our patients),  and much more are the arsenal of instruments at our disposal to create your dental smiles!

Our mission statement at CDG is to provide thorough dental information necessary for you as a patient to make an informed decision in order to obtain proper dental treatment that is ideal for you and meet your budget. 

staffcropped2013Our love for dentistry and our commitment to providing the highest standard of care for our patients will afford us the motivation to serve to the best of our ability.  The opportunity to serve our community, to relay to our patients the knowledge attained from our education, and to ensure that you have the full understanding before a treatment decision is made are our main focus as clinicians.

We are conveniently serving MILE dentistry in Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, Newport Coast, Crystal Cove, Corona Del Mar, Irvine, Huntington Beach, Orange and Tustin, California. We look forward to seeing you and your family soon! 

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